51 Winter Classroom Decorations to Spruce Up Your School for the Holidays


Winter will be here before you know it. If you haven’t yet decorated your classroom for the season, now’s the perfect time to do it. A little holiday decor can help students get excited for winter break without completely losing focus in class.

Need some inspiration for decorating your classroom, door, or hallway this holiday season? We’ve compiled a list of the 51 best school winter decorations—25 for classrooms or hallways and 26 for doors—along with five fun holiday activities to play with elementary students!

25 Decorations to Turn Your School into a Winter Wonderland

Searching for Christmas or holiday decorations for your school or classroom? These 25 DIY decorations are sure to bring the warmth of the yuletide season into your classroom and get kids excited about the holidays.

1. Christmas Cozy Corner: Put up some paper stockings, a Christmas tree, and a fake fireplace to give your students a holiday-themed reading corner.

2. Glitter Mason Snow Globes: If you’re tired of the same old store-bought snowglobes, make your own using this how-to guide!
3. Snow Paint: You can use this DIY snow paint for decorating your classroom or making fun crafts with your students.
4. Snowflake Art Craft: No two snowflakes are alike, and neither are these creative wall decorations. This is the perfect way to get students in the holiday spirit while decorating your classroom.

5. Winter Wonderland Pretend Play: Put together these crafty wintertime decorations (including a pretend ice skating rink and snow blocks) for a holiday class party.
6. Santa’s Stuck! Wall Decoration: Oh no, Santa got stuck in the chimney! Will your students help him get out? Put this crafty decoration up on your wall, then have students fill in their ideas for helping Santa.
7. Marble-Painted Penguins: How adorable would these penguin crafts look on your classroom wall for homemade decorations?
8. Pegboard Christmas Tree: This yuletide-themed pegboard is both festive and functional.
9. Winter Hat Bulletin Board: Deck your bulletin board out for the holidays with fuzzy hats and snowflakes!
10. Snowy Tree Table Decoration: If your classroom setup uses tables instead of desks, this decoration can make for a festive centerpiece.
11. Mitten Wreath: Make a cozy-looking wreath out of paper mittens, then read the winter-themed The Mitten by Jan Brett aloud to your class.
12. Festive Classroom Library: Line up stacks of brown or white books, then decorate them with construction paper to make cute little snowmen or reindeer!

13. Salt Dough Ornaments: Make these DIY ornaments with your students and hang them up in your classroom until winter break. Then, your students can take them home for their own holiday decorations.
14. Winter Shelf Decor: Bring winter right into your classroom with this paper mache DIY table decoration.
15. Life-Size Gingerbread House: This life-size gingerbread house can be a great place for your students to play pretend or take a break between lessons.
16. Watercolor Dreidels: Color these dreidels in your class, then hang them up for artsy and festive DIY holiday decorations.
17. Snowflake Bulletin Board: This wintery bulletin board uses a quote attributed to Dr. Seuss to ask students an important question: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”
18. Plastic Cup Snowman: With plastic cups and a few household items, you can make an impressive geometric snowman for your classroom!
19. DIY Advent Calendar: An advent calendar can be a great opportunity to teach students the days in the month while counting down the days until winter break.
20. Tiny Christmas Tree: If you don’t have room for a big Christmas tree in your classroom, consider putting together this mini alternative.
21. Wooden Snowflake Ornaments: You can make these wooden snowflake ornaments as a class to include your students in holiday decorating. Plus, the snowflake theme makes for a great opportunity to teach students about individuality and inclusion.
22. Holiday Snow Village Decorations: Whether you need Christmas party decorations or just something for a table centerpiece in your classroom, this DIY snow village is a crafty, budget-friendly option.
23. DIY Pinecone Tree: A full-sized Christmas tree might not fit in your classroom, but this mini pinecone tree definitely will!
24. Snowman Bowl: You can put treats, pens and pencils, or other classroom must-haves in this DIY holiday bowl.
25. Paper Plate Christmas Tree: Paper plates, paint, construction paper, and glitter are all you need to craft a Christmas tree for your classroom wall.

26 Holiday-Themed Door Decorations for Your School

Door decorations, like the bow on top of a Christmas present, give your room that special extra something extra when it comes to decorating. Keep these 25 beautiful holiday doors in mind as you look for decorating ideas to prepare your classroom for wintertime.

1. Fa La La La Llama: Deck the halls with this adorably festive llama—the perfect way to make your classroom merry and bright!
2. Santa’s Workshop: Bring Santa’s workshop to your school for all of the little elves in your classroom with this Christmas-themed door decoration!

3. Pete the Cat: If your students love Pete the Cat, put up this classroom decoration that puts a festive holiday spin on the children’s book character.
4. “Elfie” Decoration: Your kids can take an “elfie” with this clever decoration for doors that have windows.

5. Candy Cane Wreath: This candy cane wreath is the perfect Christmas decor for classroom doors and looks good enough to eat, too.
6. It’s “Snow” Secret…: Who doesn’t love a good snow pun? Nerd out with this cheesy yet sweet door decor.
7. Feliz Navidad: Wish your children happy holidays with this festive school door decoration, complete with cacti adorned with Christmas lights.
8. Polar Express: Hop aboard The Polar Express with this impressive and festive hallway decoration!
9. Silly Rudolph Door: Have you ever wondered what Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer looks like in the dark?

10. A Charlie Brown Christmas: Good grief! How could any other decor compete in a holiday door decorating contest against this Peanuts-themed adorableness?
11. Polar Bear: This door is “bear-y” adorable and sure to fit right in with the rest of your holiday decor.
12. Winter Wonderland: With this decoration, your students can go walkin’ in a winter wonderland as they come into class each morning.
13. Frozen-Themed Door: Kids will love seeing this cartoon favorite waving to them from the classroom door. Plus, since this door decoration isn’t tied to a holiday, you can keep it in your classroom all winter!
14. Pumpkin Pie: It’s pumpkin spice season, so hang up this decoration and celebrate the yummiest time of the year!

15. Ugly Sweater: This decoration will make your classroom door the guaranteed winner of any ugly sweater contest!
16. “What’s This?”: This Nightmare Before Christmas-themed door features Jack Skellington as Sandy Claws, a spooky twist on Santa, for classes who are still feeling the Halloween spirit.
17. Santa’s Nice List: Old St. Nick has checked his list not once but twice, and this year, every student in your class made the nice list!

18. Deck the Palms: It may sound like wishful thinking, but this decoration will bring beaches and warm weather to your classroom during the snowy winter months.
19. Gingerbread House: Learn how to build a gingerbread house class door from scratch with this DIY video.
20. Styrofoam Snowman: Build a snowman out of disposable cups, then hang him up on your door for all to see.
21. Nutcracker: Invite a larger-than-life nutcracker to your classroom with this beautiful door decoration outside your classroom.
22. Reindeer Door Decor: This design is simple yet classy, and perfect for teachers who have limited time for decorating but still want to make their door look beautiful.

23. Snow Smart!: We know your students are “snow” smart! Remind them with this punny decoration.
24. Snowflakes Falling in the Forest: This simple door decor can help you teach your students how, like them, each snowflake is unique and wonderful in its own way.
25. Island of Misfit Toys: Turn your classroom into the Island of Misfit Toys with this crafty decoration.
26. Oh Deer!: Poor Rudolph and the other reindeer ran into some trouble while hanging up Christmas lights! This door decoration is sure to bring laughter to your classroom.

5 Winter Activities for Celebrating the Holidays with Students

The holidays are a time to have fun and celebrate with friends, family, and peers. Use these five holiday activities so your students can participate in the festivities with their classmates:

  • Left-Right White Elephant Game: This game puts a fun twist on the white elephant tradition and sends your students home with a gift for the holidays.
  • Multicultural Holiday Celebration: Use this Edutopia guide on celebrating holiday traditions to help all students feel included in yuletide festivities.
  • Pin the Heart on the Grinch: Help the Grinch find his heart and feel the Christmas spirit with this fun classroom activity.
  • Check the Halls Scavenger Hunt: Can you spot a snowman, a candy cane, and a menorah around your school? Play one of these scavenger hunts with your students to find out!
  • Winter Obstacle Course: Put together this indoor obstacle course for cold weather to help your students get their wiggles out before winter break.


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