Happy Halloween: Holiday-Themed Activities and Free Download


We love this time of year and all of the learning applications it has to offer. For instance, Halloween is the perfect time to allow young learners to experiment with pumpkins. Here are a few ideas you could use in the classroom (source):

  • Pumpkin Weigh-in: Break students into groups, and provide each group with a few pumpkins. Have them lift each pumpkin and guess which is the heaviest, next heaviest, lightest, etc. Then, weigh the pumpkins to see if their guesses were correct.
  • Pumpkin Observation: Tell your students to bring their pumpkins to class after Halloween, and observe what happens to them as they deteriorate. Give them journals to record their findings.
  • Grow a Pumpkin: Have students plant pumpkin seeds in ziploc bags filled with water and a little soil. They can record the growth of the gourds each day or week!
  • Pumpkin Seed Counting: Write different numbers on paper plates, and pass out the plates to your students. Then, pass out cups of pumpkin seeds and have each student fill his or her plate with the number of pumpkin seeds written on the plate.
  • Pumpkin Examination: Pull out the innards of a pumpkin and allow your students to view the seeds and pulp under a microscope.

You can also download our free, Halloween-themed Rusty & Rosy coloring pages to use in your classroom!



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