31 Fitness Activities for Kids That You Can Do as a Family


Social distancing can feel a little claustrophobic at times. Luckily, even though many recreational centers are closed, there are plenty of ways your family can get active through the quarantine—both indoors and outdoors.

We’ve put together a list of 31 fun at-home exercises geared towards families. Whether your children do them on their own or you enjoy a fun workout as a family, these are all great ways to keep moving and stay healthy.

1. Go on a family hike scavenger hunt and see how many of these items you can find.

2. Play this What’s Your Name? activity. Children complete one exercise—like push-ups or hopping on one foot—for each letter of their name.

3. Try Kidz Bop Dance Along, a video playlist by the makers of Kidz Bop with plenty of family-friendly dances to popular songs.

4. If at least three members of your family are free and you have jump ropes, try learning to jump double dutch.

5. If you have any older kids at home, show them these simple strength-building exercises for teenagers.

6. Set up a sidewalk chalk obstacle course to give your kids’ agility and creativity a workout.

7. Check out Sworkit, a resource with tons of free exercise games for kids organized by categories like strength, agility, and warm-up.

8. Follow the #ActiveHomeChallenge, a Twitter event from Gopher that shares a quick exercise for families to do together every day at 8AM EST.

9. Play Roll for Fitness. With a two dice and a positive attitude, your children can take turns completing 11 different exercises.

10. Sign up for free exercise games and videos from GoNoodle’s Good Energy at Home program.

11. To build strength and endurance in an age-appropriate way, try this high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercise for kids.

12. Set up and play some indoor bowling. All you need are household items like pool noodles, empty water bottles, and a bouncy ball.

13. Go on a mindful walk as a family and turn your five senses to the world around you.

14. Learn a new skill and make the most of your social distancing time with these Karate for Kids lessons.

15. For younger children, try relaxing together with this yoga for toddlers video.

16. Hold a family egg and spoon race, which can help kids practice balancing and working as a team.

17. Go on a bike ride or a run around the neighborhood to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

18. Play Indoor Blizzard with younger kids as a reward for getting things done.

19. Check out The Body Coach, a YouTube channel with exercises that teach kids to be mindful of their body.

20. Play freeze dance, a game that not only gets kids moving but also teaches listening skills.

21. Instead of searching for gym equipment, try these no-equipment exercises from the ACE Fit exercise library.

22. To have kids help out around the house, try these chores that double as a great workout.

23. Clear your mind and stretch your muscles with some outdoor garden yoga.

24. If you have a hula hoop and a ball, play Slam Ball outside as a family.

25. Check out all of these games you can do with just a beach ball, like Catch & Do! and Toss It In.

26. Try learning a Zumba dance for kids, like this one set to the song “I Like to Move It.”

27. Help your child learn to juggle, which can boost their hand-eye coordination.

28. Turn on this family cardio workout and get your blood pumping together.

29. Set up a masking tape balance beam to teach kids how to follow directions and maintain their balance.

30. Play Deck of Fitness. All you need is a deck of cards and some music to create your own exercise routine.

31. Use the Just Dance YouTube channel to find tons of exercise dances by the makers of the video game with the same name.


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