Classroom Resources for Women’s History Month


March is Women’s History Month – a great opportunity for students and teachers to explore women’s accomplishments, struggles and contributions. Here’s a quick list of resources to help with your lesson planning this month.

An illustration from Waterford's book, "I Want to Be a Scientist like Jane Goodall."
An illustration from Waterford’s book, “I Want to Be a Scientist like Jane Goodall.”

The Library of Congress: The Library of Congress has an entire online collection dedicated to women’s history that encourage teachers and students “to put primary resources to work in the classroom.” It includes fully packaged lesson plans, great audio and video resources and a number of photo projects.

Edutopia: Check out the online publication’s list of six lesson plan resources for women’s history month. There are lots of great ideas there, plus bonus reading lists and collections for students.

There are so many great women’s history resources on the web. Did we miss any of your favorites? What resources do you plan to use in March?


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