The 50 Best Apps for Teachers and Students to Simplify Your School Day

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When it comes to technology in the classroom, phones can either be a distraction or a tool that provides infinite knowledge at your fingertips. Luckily, the way you choose to use your phone can make a difference. When you seek out resources that enhance your phone’s abilities to help students learn and grow, the positives of smartphones in class begin to outweigh the negatives.

Teachers and students, this one’s for you! We’ve compiled a list of the top 50 educational apps to make your phone as useful as it can be in school. We’ve split the list: 25 apps aimed at teachers, and 25 for students.

25 Best Teacher Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your Time in the Classroom

We know that in the classroom, every second counts. These 25 apps will help you get the most out of your teaching time each day and avoid getting burned out.

1. Kahoot!: Kahoot! is one of the most popular apps that teachers use with students. You can put together learning games and pop quizzes that encourage students to submit the most correct answers about a given topic.

2. Calm: Mindfulness is a great way to unwind after a long day of teaching, and this app provides guided meditations and other tools to help you relax. Plus, Calm offers free annual subscriptions to teachers, so it’s the ultimate stress-free investment!

3. Remind: We all need a little reminder about our tasks from time to time. This app can help you remind families about upcoming assignments and events to promote better parent-teacher communication.

4. Choiceworks: If you have students with learning disabilities, this app can help them complete daily tasks, manage their emotions, and learn other social-emotional learning (SEL) skills.

5. TED: With this educational app on your phone, you’ll have hundreds of inspirational talks at your fingertips to share with students.

6. Pocket: Pocket lets you save articles you come across on the go so you can share groups of articles with your students.

7. SimpleMind: Mapping out your thoughts and ideas can be a helpful way to plan out upcoming tasks or assignments. With SimpleMind, you can create your own mind maps as you brainstorm on your own or with your class.

8. Slack: If you want a quick and easy way for colleagues or students to send messages back and forth, Slack allows you to set up groups of users that you can then send messages or reminders directly to their phones.

9. Too Noisy: We know that the noise levels in class can get a little out-of-hand sometimes! This classroom app allows teachers to display a noise level monitor to help your students use their inside voices.

10. iCell: Scientific concepts are always easier to study if you have a model handy. iCell allows you to show animal, plant, and bacterial cells to your students at the microscopic level and discover how they function.

11. Plickers: With Plickers, you can put together virtual practice questions to help your students study for upcoming tests.

12. Draw and Tell: Use Draw and Tell to make animated stories with your students. Perfect for elementary teachers to use as art or creative writing lessons!

13. Lectio: This app is a great one to have on hand for students with dyslexia. You take picture of a piece of text, and the app will highlight the words it recognizes. Then, as a student reads, they can tap an unfamiliar word and the app will read it aloud.

14. Signed Stories: This interactive app allows you to access a library of children’s stories in sign language. For any hearing impaired students in your class, this can be an enriching tool.

15. Doceri: If your school uses smartboards, Doceri allows you to screencast to your board from your phone or tablet and create pre-prepared lessons.

16. Proloquo2Go: This is a useful app if you have students with a disorder that inhibits speech. It uses symbols (based on research) that allow students who are unable to speak to communicate their thoughts or emotions.

17. Star Walk: Explore the universe from the palm of your hands and use this astronomy app to teach an interactive science lesson to your students.

18. Lucidchart: Need to make a diagram or chart for your lesson? This free app is simple enough for even teachers with limited design skills.

19. TickTick: Nothing’s more satisfying than checking off items on a to-do list. Bring your teacher checklist wherever you go so you can stay focused and on-task throughout the day.

20. Pocket Anatomy: Why dissect a frog when you can do something even cooler: study an in-depth model of the human body and how it works from the comfort of your classroom?

21. ZipGrade: ZipGrade is an easy-to-use grading app that allows you to manage your students’ assignments and record their scores, all from your phone.

22. Hologo: Hologo uses the power of virtual reality so you can show your students 3D models with audio lessons from your phone or tablet.

23. RescueTime: Good time management can take your career from draining to busy, but fulfilling. RescueTime will help you make the most of each hour while you’re in the classroom.

24. Google Classroom: Google Classroom is a simple, effective app for organizing your assignments and communicating with your students.

25. Tynker: Teaching basic coding to young learners can feel like a challenge. With Tynker, you can help elementary students learn an essential STEM skill through fun games and practice questions.

25 Best Apps for Students that Improve Learning and Productivity

Now let’s turn our focus to students. Whether you’re a student wanting a study aid or an educator looking to find apps for your students, these 25 apps are sure to help anyone study hard and learn effectively.

26. Quizlet: Quizlet allows you to build your own virtual flashcards or search for flashcards to help you study key concepts.

27. Duolingo: Learning a language is simple with this free app. You can choose from a variety of languages to learn through gamified activities. Learn anything from Spanish to Welsh, and even Klingon!

28. Evernote: This note-taking app for students syncs to your phone, computer, and other devices so you can take or view notes no matter where you are.

29. Forest: Looking for motivation to stay off your phone? Try Forest. For every minute that you stay focused in school (or any time you choose), you can earn points to have Forest plant real trees and improve the environment.

30. Khan Academy: Khan Academy provides free courses and lessons on a variety of subjects. K-12 students can access everything from elementary math to AP study guides.

31. Prezi: With Prezi, you can build sleek and easy-to-use powerpoints from your phone that you can then share in class or with others.

32. My Molecularium: How can you go wrong with an app that describes itself as “Angry Birds meets nanoscience?” If chemistry is in your future, My Molecularium is a must-have.

33. Wolfram Alpha: If you need help with STEM subjects, the Wolfram Alpha app has tons of resources—including a free graphic calculator!

34. Loop: Developing good habits is the key to academic success. Track your habits every day to encourage good ones and eradicate bad ones as you reach your long-term goals.

35. FocusMe: If you need a way to block distracting sites on your phone while you prepare for a test, FocusMe allows you to filter them out so you can get the most out of your study sessions.

36. Socratic: This app allows you to take a picture of any question and receive helpful tips for answering it.

37. Codecademy Go: Learn coding, one day at a time, with this app that teaches you programming skills through interactive games.

38. Grammarly: Keeping all the writing rules straight can be tough. This grammar and spelling app teaches you how to write clear sentences.

39. myHomework: Need a planner app to keep all of your assignments straight? myHomework helps organize and prioritize your upcoming projects so you’re prepared for each day of class.

40. Wikipedia: Through the free Wikipedia app, you can access millions of articles in over three hundred languages wherever you are, as long as you have Internet access.

41. Ulysses: This writing app allows you to manage and edit documents that automatically sync to your computer.

42. Udacity: The future is STEM, and most jobs will require at least some technical skill. Udacity offers a variety of free classes in programming, data science, and other tech skills so you’re prepared for all kinds of careers.

43. Civilization VI: Learn about world history and economics with this engaging educational app for older elementary and middle school students. Build your own empire and learn how to make it thrive throughout the ages.

44. Coursera: Ever wanted to learn basic physics? Or how about organic chemistry, the history of philosophy, or even how to write a poem? Coursera is an app that offers free courses on both academic and career-related subjects.

45. Mendeley: If you’re writing a research paper, Mendeley is a great tool. You can save all of your references in one place and learn how to cite them in several different formats.

46. ToDoist: This app will help you learn organization skills to keep your school schedule as stress-free as possible.

47. Lirica: This language learning app is unique in that it teaches Spanish by letting students listen to and translate music from popular Latin artists.

48. Brainscape: Brainscape is another flashcard-making app that uses techniques backed by neuroscience to help students learn as quickly as possible

49. Spreeder: If you want to read faster, Spreeder can teach you how to speed read while tracking your improvement over time.

50. Pocket Points: No more starving students! This app will reward you with points you can redeem for food at local restaurants for every minute you spend off your phone in class.

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