5 Tips to Boost Young Students’ Reading Skills—Using Science and Math!


What do you think of when you think of reading instruction? Maybe a teacher and children around a table all reading from a book? Well, that’s one part of an effective reading program, but there are opportunities for rich language learning across the curriculum—including using math and science!

we-are-teachers_5-tipsWe Are Teachers recently interviewed three experts from Waterford to find out the best ways to improve reading skills while teaching science and math. Here were their five tips:

1. Give students lots of time to read nonfiction.

2. Start your math and science lessons with a story.

3. Use a multisensory approach.

4. Build time into your math and science lessons for students to talk about what they’re learning.

5. Complicate things a bit. 

To learn more about these tips and how to implement them in the classroom head over to We Are Teachers and read the full article!




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