Tech Notes

Release Date: 12.17.2018

Tech Notes: 12.17.2018

12.17.2018 Release Notes

Waterford will release an automatic software update on December 17, 2018. See what’s in this release in the list below. If you have any questions, our Support Team is always happy to help!


New Progress Reports
Affects: Waterford Early Learning, SmartStart

We released two new reports in Waterford Manager: Class Progress Report and Student Weekly Progress Report.

Class Progress Report

This report displays the progress towards the end of-year goal for all students in your classroom. Teachers can filter this information by Current Week, Last Week, Last Two Weeks, Last Month, and Custom Dates by Week.

The Class Progress Report lists each student’s Start Level, Current Level, and Goal Level, as well as the percentage of their goal completed and how many objectives they have left. It also shows how many Days, School Minutes, and Home Minutes each student has spent on course activities.

Student Weekly Progress Report

This report displays the same information as Class Progress Report but allows teachers to select a single student or multiple students within a class at a time. Teachers can also sort this information by the same date ranges as Class Progress Report.

Both new reports are printable and can be exported as a PDF, Excel, CSV, or Word file.

New Completion Report Feature
Affects: Waterford Early Learning, SmartStart

We added a new feature to Completion Reports in the Waterford Manager on the district, school, and classroom level.

Previously, users could only view the number of students in each Completion Level category. By clicking on a number, the Completion Report will now generate a list of student names in that category along with their individual IDs.

School districts who use a rostering system may see duplicate student names listed throughout the report. This is because students may be assigned to several different Waterford courses. The Completion Report will list the levels for each course the student is assigned to for rostered districts.

Placement Report Key Update

We updated the Placement Report scoring key in the Waterford Manager. The report previously displayed numerical score ranges that corresponded to a Difficulty Level for each child.

This has been replaced with an abbreviated version of the following Difficulty Levels:

  • Pre Reading 1-3 (PR 1-3)
  • Basic Reading 1-3 (BR 1-3)
  • Fluent Reading 1-3 (FR 1-3)

Resolved Issues

  • Usage Report now sorts students alphabetically
  • Projection Completion calculation updates automatically every two weeks instead of monthly
  • All report fonts have been changed from blue to grey for better readability
  • Dashboard no longer shows incorrect objectives completed each week
  • Progress Towards Goal is now calculated from the student’s starting placement instead of the beginning of the program
  • The Completion Report now includes a page break at the end of every grade level
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