Tech Notes

Release Date: 10.25.2017

Tech Notes: 10.25.2017

Dashboard Updates

We made technical changes to improve the speed with which dashboards load. We also made updates to the design of the dashboards to better help you identify how you’re progressing toward your usage goals.

Now, on the main dashboard, the horizontal graphs show fidelity performance for all goal days:

  •  The green segment represents the number of days where usage was 100% of goal
  • The yellow segment represents the number of days where usage was between 50–99.9% of goal
  • The red segment reprsents the number of days where usage was at less than 50% of goal

All results are based on the usage goals set by the district. You can find step-by-step instructions for setting your custom usage goals here.

Other changes include:

  • When there is less than 5% of average usage on a day at the district level, it is assumed this was not an instructional day. It does not count against you and the total goal days for the reporting period is reduced by one.
  • On all levels of the dashboards, fidelity and usage percentages are based on the number of goal days in the report period.
  • The “Engagement by Grade” circles at the bottom of the main dashboard also now show all three color segments, following the same rules as the horizontal graphs above.
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