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Release Date: 08.08.2016

Tech Notes: 08.08.2016

New Courses Available on iPad

Later this week, Waterford will release a software update for all cloud products: Waterford Early Learning, Classroom Advantage, Waterford SmartStart, and UPSTART. This release includes some major new features for teachers and students as they start the 2016-2017 school year.

Major Updates

  • New Courses Available on iPad
    Waterford SmartStart and Waterford Early Learning’s Math & Science are now available on iPad. There are over 450 new activities, many available only on the iPad student app. Many of these activities replace a lot of the older activities, adding new graphics, fun touch-screen interactivity, and implementing the latest educational research. Watch one of our new math activities and learn more about these improvements.
    You will need to download the new update of the Waterford Early Learning app from the App Store before students can play a Waterford Math & Science session on iPad. If you haven’t updated the app, your students will see Update Required on the course button. Reset the Waterford Student App to get the iPads ready for your new classes. Check out the help site for a reminder on how to do that.
  • New Help Site
    The new help site is now available, which means support for all of our products is now located in a single location: The updated look and feel matches our recently redesigned site,, and allows for easy viewing on phones and tablets with its responsive design. The previous help sites will still be available until all content has been updated and moved to the new site. Watch the walk-through video to see how the new help site is set up and how to use its new features.
  • Offline Materials in Manager
    Last year, we offered printable classroom materials for SmartStart users through our help site. This year, we’ve put these resources, along with many new ones, directly into Waterford Manager. Go to Curriculum, click Search, and select the Teacher Materials tab to see masters, practice pages, audio clips, and more available for download. Currently, we have over 330 printable materials, many of them available in Spanish and English. Watch the walk-through video for more information.

Other Improvements

  • Reports Show Student Movement
    If you move students out of your class, your reports will now display their information in a Transfer Students table. This is just the first part of new report functionalities around student movement. Expect more updates on this feature in future release notes.
  • Home Access Parent Email Updated
    The improved format of the home access parent email will make it easier for parents to know how to set up and access their child’s home account.
  • Bug Fixes
    This release also contains several bug fixes that will improve functionality for creating playlists, UPSTART Parent Manager, reports, and other areas. Contact Support if you have questions or need assistance.
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