Tech Notes

Release Date: 03.07.2017

Tech Notes: 03.07.2017

New Feature: Dashboards

Waterford will release an automatic software update on March 8, 2017. There are several exciting new features in this release—highlights below! And as always, if you have any questions, our Support Team is happy to help!

Updates to Note

          • NEW FEATURE! Dashboards. Dashboards give you a new, quick and highly visual way to get real-time insights at the student, class, school and district level. This new tool will be released district-by-district over the next month. You will see it appear on your Waterford Manager soon. For more information on the individual dashboards included and how to use them, visit this Help Site guide.
            • See at-a-glance how much your district, school(s), class(es) and student(s) are using Waterford, and if they’re on track to meet your goals.
            • Get quick insights on data like engagement, student progress versus gains and student mastery and difficulty.
            • Filter by date range, grade level, curriculum and more.
            • Save time generating reports, and identify students in need of intervention early.
          • NEW FEATURE! Flexible usage goals. You can now set custom usage goals for each curriculum and grade level. Click on “School Year/Goals” under “Settings” and follow these steps to set your goals.
          • Automatic SmartStart reset. Students who complete the SmartStart online curriculum will now be automatically restarted at the program’s beginning.
          • Resiliency enhancements. We’ve added features to help you identify and troubleshoot Internet outages or delays that interrupt your student’s session time. Now when outages happen:
            • The program will send a message to the device to let you know it’s been disconnected.
            • You can try reconnecting to the Internet up to 3 times in 30 second intervals.
            • If the system is unsuccessful reconnecting, you’ll get a message that it could not connection with an option to refresh.
          • Unassigned student pagination. We’ve added pagination to the unassigned student section of the student management page. This makes it easier to find, select and move groups of unassigned students to a new class, simplifying your transition from one school year to the next.

Resolved Issues

      • This release also contains several fixes that will improve functionality for activities. Contact support if you have questions or need assistance.
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