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We make great curriculum, but it’s talented educators who make it soar. Waterford Professional Services ensures teachers have the tools to integrate Waterford into the classroom effectively, from day one.​

Maximise your investment

Save time and money with a successful, quick implementation while growing teacher effectiveness and increasing student achievement

Support educators

Get personalized consultations for all your educators, including coaching and modeling services to help improve instruction

Meet school and district goals

Prepare administrators to lead and support an effective implementation that achieves their district’s vision and meets its needs

Create a custom plan

Waterford offers flexible, customizable professional development options. Get just the training you want, when and how you want it, at the right price point.


Onsite customized consultation, coaching and modeling with a Waterford implementation specialist

Virtual webinars

Live, virtual training sessions with a Waterford implementation specialist

Waterford TrainingHub

An online portal with in-depth training courses and quick-tip videos and guides available anytime, anywhere at a self-guided pace

Comprehensive course offerings

A broad selection of topics–all designed to maximize teacher effectiveness and improve students’ academic achievement

Family workshops

Fun, live sessions for families that include easy ways to support their child’s learning and development using Waterford materials at home

Amount professional development increases Waterford usage

Schools, districts, and organizations worldwide that subscribe to Waterford Professional Services

Course offerings–plus, your choice of custom topics

U.S. educators on Waterford TrainingHub

Customer satisfaction rate

Number of countries using Waterford TrainingHub

Let's get started!

Join the thousands of schools using Waterford. Contact us to request more information or to arrange for a free demo.
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