Waterford’s Curriculet Acquisition Makes News


Our recent announcement that Waterford acquired Curriculet, a self-guided independent reading platform, has been creating quite a buzz! Here are two of our favorite news interviews about the acquisition:

EdWeek Market Brief
Waterford Acquires Digital Reading Platform Curriculet

“We think it’s a perfect fit for Waterford,”[Waterford COO Andy] Myers said. “We look at Curriculet as the essential next step for children after they’ve completed the basics with Waterford…We know that once students have that foundation in reading, the best thing for them to do is read more. Curriculet helps match their interests and their level of reading.”

Education Talk Radio
“Loving Reading PreK-2…and Beyond”

“There are so many students missing the richness of literature, and that’s what we hope to bring them,” Waterford VP Anne Brown, talking about how Waterford plans to use Curriculet to build on children’s foundational literacy skills to build a lasting love of reading.

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