Waterford Institute Gathers Experts to Provide Congressional Briefing on Digital Initiatives for Young Children


A panel of education experts from across the country addressed Congress to be mindful of best practices and developmentally appropriate uses of technology with early learners when creating public policy. The Congressional briefing emphasized using technology to deliver quality learning content for every child, to enhance the human experience, and to provide professional development for teachers.

“Technology use with early learning allows students to be active, it allows them to be hands on, it allows them to engage in the world and empowers them,” said panelist Rhian Evans Allvin, executive director of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. “Properly trained, teachers can use technology to give a child control, provide an adaptive scaffold to ease the accomplishment of tasks, and as one of many options to support a child’s learning.”

Sponsored by Waterford Institute, the briefing entitled, Digital Initiatives for Young Children: Moving Beyond Screen Time, reported to Congressional leaders and their staffs on the progress and challenges facing children and educators with the use of technology in early learning education.

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