Waterford FAQs: You Ask, Our Support Team Answers


Stumped by a Waterford how-to question? The Waterford help website is a great resource for all of your Waterford-related questions. You can also contact our support team online or call our our toll-free number at 877.499.7997, Monday through Friday 5 a.m. — 6 p.m. (MST) for help!

Here, Pratt, one of our support team experts, answers some of the questions he’s asked most frequently.

Q: I forgot my password to the Waterford Manager. What do I do now?

Cloud & Version 5 Answer: Please use the “Forgot Password” link below where you normally login. You will be asked to enter your username and answer the secret question you selected when you first logged into the Waterford Manager. You can then enter a new password. Passwords must be at least seven characters long, contain upper and lower case letters, and contain at least one number.

Q: I forgot my username. What do I do now?

Cloud & Version 5 Answer: We recommend contacting someone at your school or district who has administrative access to look up your username for you. If you cannot contact an administrator, you can contact Waterford Support at 877.499.7997 to look up your username.

Q: I am an administrator in Waterford, but I cannot log in or reset my password. How can we access Waterford now?

Cloud Answer: Contact Waterford Support. We will look up your username and reset your password for you.

Version 5 Answer: Contact Waterford Support. Since this information is stored on your server, we will need access to your server to look up this information. Please have Teamviewer downloaded on the server so that we can remote into it. You can download Teamviewer from www.teamviewer.com.

Q: Why does my login information work for the Training Hub, but doesn’t work for the Waterford Manager?

Cloud & Version 5 Answer: At the present time, the Training Hub and Waterford Manager are separate systems with separate login credentials. Your username for the Training Hub is always your email address, but your school or district administrator sets your username when entering you into the system. Your administrator should provide your login credentials for the Waterford Manager.

Q: How do my students log into Waterford?

Cloud Answer: Read these instructions on the Waterford Help website for starting your students on Waterford Early Learning.

Version 5 Answer: Instructions for starting your students on Waterford Early Learning are available here on the Waterford Help website.

Q: Why can’t I connect to the Waterford lessons or reports?

Cloud Answer: This is likely a firewall issue. We suggest adding https://manager.waterford.org and https://jasper.waterford.org:8443 to your firewall exceptions.

Version 5 Answer: Please verify that your server is on the same network as the client machine.

Q: When assigning courses to my students, it says that there are no licenses available, but I know my district purchased plenty. Why is it saying this?

Cloud Answer: Administrators can use the Waterford Manager to set aside any number of licenses for particular schools. Your school cannot draw licenses that are set aside for another school even if these licenses are not currently in use. Please check with your administrator to find out the best way to access the licenses you need.

Q: How do I end my student’s Waterford session early?

Cloud Answer: To end the session early, use the back button in your browser. The program will save your student’s progress through any lessons where the student has used the green “Go On” arrow.

Version 5 Answer: If you press F10 this will interrupt the student’s session. From here you can pause the activity, log the student out, or exit the Waterford Student App.

Remember: We’re here to support you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions. And make sure your school or district has updated its support information and contract from Pearson to Waterford so that you’re getting the latest Waterford news, updates and support services!


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