UPSTART By the Numbers: Achieving 2x and 3x Student Learning Gains


UPSTART External Research

One of the greatest rewards for our research and hard work is seeing students’ learning gains. This chart above highlights data from a 2013 report conducted by a third-party evaluator.

It shows that students who use the Waterford’s early learning curriculum through Utah’s in-home Pre-K program (UPSTART) perform about twice as well in reading as the control group when given the Brigance test; approximately three times as well when given the Bader test.

What we have found is that Utah’s unique implementation of Waterford curriculum through the innovative Waterford UPSTART model is a great example of how our content can be adapted to impact student learning gains in new ways.

Learn More:

Read the full study commissioned by the state of Utah in 2011 to evaluate Waterford’s UPSTART program.

Visit the Utah UPSTART website.

Register your preschool-aged child for the summer 2014 UPSTART class here.


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