MyBackpack App Gets Rave Reviews from Educational Website Testers


It’s been about a month now since our new iPad app, MyBackpack, launched for free download on iTunes. We are thrilled at the success MyBackpack has had so far, and proud of the positive reviews it has garnered from teachers, parents and professional websites alike! Here are some of our favorite highlights from recent website reviews:


Educational App Store: “This app is crammed full of content that will keep young learners busy from early years settings into early primary years” and “provides hours of well-designed educational fun…completely free.” “Even the youngest students love learning with brilliant animation, entertaining songs and interactive math games wrapped up into award-winning reading, math, and science lessons.” “Chock-full of content MyBackpack has so much to offer kids that parents may wonder if it’s really free…With all that’s packed into the app, kids from pre-k through second grade will find something new to learn or activities to help them reinforce things they already know.”

The iMums: “This is a must download app for the parents of any child from pre-school to 2nd or 3rd grade. It includes a huge amount of high quality educational material and it’s FREE! Although it is designed for students using [Waterford Early Learning] it is a great app for any child in the target age range.”

AppyMall: “As a teacher and mother, I loved the combination of reading, math, science, and of course learning through songs. My favorite is the sing-along section with fun little songs teaching basic concepts such as the alphabet, grammar, and numbers. My preschooler and toddler both enjoyed this app, following along with the songs, stories, and nursery rhymes.”

You can download the MyBackpack app here and try it for yourself! And let us know what you think in the comments below or in an iTunes review; we’d love to hear from you.


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