Helpful Information for Contacting Waterford Support


Although we strive to have the best software available, we know there will still be times when you need to contact Waterford’s support team. Here are some tips on what to expect and how to get your issue resolved quickly.

For those who call, a support team member is normally available quickly to assist you, but if they are not you can leave a voicemail. We respond to voicemails within one business day. If you send an email to us instead, you should also expect a response within one business day. If you have not heard back within that timeframe, please be sure to check your spam folder for our response. We often give troubleshooting tips or ask for more information in these emails so they are important to watch for.

Information to Have Ready When You Contact Support

When you contact our support team, there is some basic information we will want from you. The first is your name and then the name of the school or district to which you belong. Since we assist schools throughout the nation, it is often helpful if you include the state in which the school is located as well. If you are emailing us please include this information in your original email. If we have to respond to ask for these details, it will likely delay your resolution.

In addition to your name and your school’s name, we will often ask further questions to help us troubleshoot the issue. We recommend emailing this information to us in your original email, or being prepared to answer these questions over the phone:

  • What happens when you try instead of the normal or expected result?
  • If you receive an error message, what does the message say?
  • If the issue is with a student’s lesson or account, what is the child’s name and class? (Even if this is happening to many students, a few names are very helpful.)
  • What version of Waterford Early Learning are you running?
  • Which web browser are you running? (This only applies to the Cloud version.)
  • What version of Java are you running? (This does not apply to the Cloud version.)

We are dedicated to making sure that both you and your students have a great experience with Waterford. By following the above suggestions, you will ensure faster resolution of your issues, so that your students can continue to learn.


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