Waterford Presents at Texas Conference: “Great Teachers + Great Tools = Great Results”

Summer conferences are in full swing, allowing us to do one of our favorite things: meet with educators and learn, discuss and have fun together! Waterford’s Michelle Bartsch, M.S. Ed., recently presented at the sixth annual Texas State Ready Early Childhood Summer Institute. In a session titled, “Great Teachers + Great Tools = Great Results,”  Bartsch covered some of the latest trends in early education and shared several success stories from around the country.

Bartsch focused on the importance of giving our early learners the tools they need in order to succeed and illustrated current research trends and statistics. One of the session highlights included diving into the achievement gap among young children.

Research shows that 85 percent of brain development occurs from birth to five years old, but that 98 percent of educational funds are spent after age 5. With those figures, it’s easy to see why it’s important we invest in our youngest learners to better prepare them for a lifelong education.

Perhaps the most convincing data Bartsch covered included research showing that preK students who use Waterford enter kindergarten at or above grade level.

Kindergarten Readiness Graph

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