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Written by Leah Dozier Walker Executive Vice President of Equity & Inclusion at Waterford.org The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds tremendous promise across the education ecosystem. It has the potential to revolutionize learning experiences, enhance family engagement, and drive academic achievement. Leveraging AI can power differentiated instruction, personalize learning

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodivergent condition that affects communication, behavior, and learning. Psychologists use the term spectrum disorder because symptoms and support needs vary depending on the child. Although clinically defined as a disorder, having autism does not mean something is wrong or “needs to be fixed” with

Among the six key skills needed for literacy development, two are commonly used interchangeably: phonics and phonological awareness. While their names sound similar, they are distinct, and knowing the difference between the two is essential for teachers and administrators who seek to teach using the science of reading. Read on

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Discover the essentials of instruction for language concepts, a set of skills that support the development of reading comprehension. Then, learn strategies to help educators in your school teach language concepts skills—along with five free books available in English and Spanish! The Elements of Language Concepts Instruction of language concepts

Read on to examine the key building blocks for reading comprehension. Then, learn several practical and research-based strategies to help students in your school build reading comprehension skills—with two free books and accompanying resources available in English and Spanish! What is Reading Comprehension? Reading comprehension refers to the ability to

School districts across the country are increasingly turning to the science of reading as they plan their early literacy curriculum. Educators appreciate that it aligns with what researchers know about how the brain learns to read. Yet you might be wondering why it’s worth planning professional training opportunities on the

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You may know your ABCs but what about your XYZs, as in generations? It’s so easy to put together a classroom Facebook group or send a school email without a second thought. However, depending on the age of your student’s parents, some methods of digital communication may be more effective

Did you know that over one-half of all students will experience a traumatic event by the time they reach adulthood?[8] Each year, educators teach several students who have dealt with trauma in some way. You may not know which children in a classroom have experienced trauma, but the way your

Depending on how we use it, technology can be either a priceless tool or endless distraction. Through computers, smartphones, and tablets, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips that can be both entertaining and intellectually stimulating. Too much screen time, however, isn’t healthy for anyone and can lead

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Teaching is a fulfilling career, but it can also be emotionally tiring and time-consuming, leaving educators feeling burnt out. In order to continue on, teachers need the chance to rest and recenter themselves, by taking time for self-care. When the phrase “self-care” comes to mind, however, some teachers may worry

Holidays, religious celebrations, and cultural festivities all come into play for students and teachers during the early winter months at school. November and December are a memorable and fun time of year for many students—with plenty of winter school and classroom activities in the time leading up to the school

In the United States, ten percent of all students–roughly five million students total–come from multilingual households. Multilingual students speak more than one language and need individualized instruction to develop literacy and communication skills in all of those languages. In addition, multilingual families need access to resources that help them feel