Family Empowerment

kids in Halloween costume using a computer

31 Halloween Learning Activities for Kids

Looking for educational Halloween activities with all treats, no tricks? You’ve come to the right place! Here, you’ll find a total of 31 Halloween activities that you can use to teach or practice learning skills from home–one idea for each day of October. First, you’ll find 13 Halloween-themed STEM activities

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The Importance of Early Math

Math involves so much more than just numbers! Simple tasks like telling time and counting spare change can lead to better time management skills and money sense. Sometimes it feels like there is just so much to learn! It turns out that the sooner children begin to learn, the better,

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5 Tips for Setting SMART Goals as a Family

Now is the perfect time to set learning goals with your children as you get ready for back to school season. Yet no matter the time of year, goal-setting can help motivate your child to learn new skills. Sometimes it can be difficult to reach a goal, no matter your

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A mother and daughter. Using a two generation approach means educators can work to address the needs of a child's family at home, leading to success in school.

Gentle Parenting for Home and School

What Is Gentle Parenting? Gentle parenting is a popular parenting style centered around positive discipline. This parenting style is a way to teach your child important skills while avoiding negative consequences or corporal punishment. The Four Main Elements of Gentle Parenting Are: Understanding your child Showing them empathy Establishing mutual

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Nelina Moore, 5, does UPSTART preschool work at home with her mother Deborah Moore in West Valley City on Wednesday, April 8, 2015.

Helping Your Child Know What to Expect in Kindergarten

Starting kindergarten can be a big adjustment for both children and their families! Helping your child be fully ready for kindergarten can create a smooth transition to school. Your positive attitude will influence their feelings and get them excited for learning. When your child is prepared for kindergarten, they are

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52 Journal Prompts for Kids to Reflect and Practice Writing Skills

Keeping a journal can have many benefits for your child, whether they keep it by themselves or with your help. In addition to practicing writing, journaling can give children a way to capture their thoughts and memories. Plus, journaling can boost your child’s mood and mental well-being because it teaches

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How to Promote Family Engagement During the First Weeks of School

One of the best ways to set up students for lifelong success is by involving their families in their educational journey. When family involvement is a priority in class, student achievement, self-confidence, and motivation all improve.[1,2] Family engagement is most effective when it’s encouraged earlier in the year.[3] If you

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A group of children play on playground equipment.

Where to Find Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Struggling to find activities to keep your child active and engaged this summer? A break from school can be fun for kids but also difficult for parents, both in terms of time and cost. Finding activities for kids that are simple and inexpensive is a great way to make memories

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How Family Engagement Leads to Student Success

What is one of the proven predictors of academic achievement? Studies show that a family’s engagement has a direct positive impact on a child’s learning success. When families are engaged in their children’s school lives, students have the home support they need to develop a lifelong love of learning. Encouraging

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