Equity and Access

Windows and Mirrors: A Framework for Inclusive Curriculum

Windows offer new views, while mirrors offer reflections. This metaphor is the heart of the Windows and Mirrors learning framework, which recognizes the importance of both perspectives. When planning lessons or choosing books for your classroom library, it’s important to include stories that both reflect the experiences of your students

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A group of students studying in the library.

How to Find Free Books for Your School or Classroom Library

Building a school or classroom library can be difficult, especially if your school’s funding is low. Before you spend your own money on books, look into organizations that provide teachers with free classroom books. Many of these programs are open specifically to educators from schools with a demonstrated need to

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School children in the snow

Celebrating Culturally Diverse Winter Holidays in the Classroom

For many students, December is an especially memorable time of year—with plenty of winter activities, holidays, and classroom parties during the days before winter break. However, even the most well-meaning teachers can show implicit bias when it comes to holiday events and only focus on Christmas holiday traditions. That’s why

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7 Tips to Help You Create a Home Learning Space for Your Family

Did you know that supporting your children’s learning from home can help them develop better reading skills later on?[1] Plus, studies have shown this to be the case through high school. Anything you do to support home learning can have a lasting impact on your child’s academic success.[2] Here are

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