Equity and Access

School children in the snow

Planning Inclusive School Winter Holiday Activities

Holidays, religious celebrations, and cultural festivities all come into play for students and teachers during the early winter months at school. November and December are a memorable and fun time of year for many students—with plenty of winter school and classroom activities in the time leading up to the school

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Supporting Multilingual Learners in Early Elementary Education

In the United States, ten percent of all students–roughly five million students total–come from multilingual households. Multilingual students speak more than one language and need individualized instruction to develop literacy and communication skills in all of those languages. In addition, multilingual families need access to resources that help them feel

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Family Guide: Early Learning & Development Standards by Grade

Back-to-school season is such an exciting time for young learners. It’s the beginning of a year full of new milestones to come, including learning skills, and emotional growth–especially in early education! But it can also be overwhelming for families as they wonder what their child’s early learning and development standards

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stock photo of parents and child engaging in parent-teacher meeting in school

CARES: A Framework for Family Engagement in Schools

Both educators and families share a common goal: to provide strong support for students! By working together, they can craft a comprehensive support system that promotes success. However, educators sometimes prioritize one-way communication rather than true collaboration—leaving families unsure if they are valued in their child’s classroom and school. To

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Nelina Moore, 5, does UPSTART preschool work at home with her mother Deborah Moore in West Valley City on Wednesday, April 8, 2015.

Helping Your Child Know What to Expect in Kindergarten

Starting kindergarten can be a big adjustment for both children and their families! Helping your child be fully ready for kindergarten can create a smooth transition to school. Your positive attitude will influence their feelings and get them excited for learning. When your child is prepared for kindergarten, they are

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Windows and Mirrors: A Framework for Inclusive Curriculum

Windows offer new views, while mirrors offer reflections. This metaphor is the heart of the Windows and Mirrors learning framework, which recognizes the importance of both perspectives. When planning lessons or choosing books for your classroom library, it’s important to include stories that both reflect the experiences of your students

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