7 Websites with Free Audiobooks for Kids (and Where to Start)

Through audiobooks, you can entertain your kids with classic and modern stories, introduce them to historical periods and situations that are different from their own, and help them practice listening comprehension. And if you need time to work or finish other to-dos, setting your child up with a good audiobook

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13 Food Assistance Programs That Support Families in Need

When the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools and forced people out of work, it highlighted the very real problem of food security for children. Even as many regions and states are now reopening, the need is still strong, and many families could use nutrition assistance. The group Feeding America projected that

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Earth Day 2021: How to Recycle as a Family

Happy Earth Day! Celebrated in April every year, this holiday is a reminder to take care of the planet. One person can make a difference and, by uniting, we can all help to protect Earth against climate change. Here is a quick explainer on what Earth Day is and how

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7 Resources for National Nutrition Month 2021

Happy National Nutrition Month! Celebrated through March, this holiday is centered around empowering families with healthy eating resources to nurture your child’s growth. Read on to discover what National Nutrition Month is and the role of nutrition in child development. Plus, discover food assistance programs and family nutrition tools that

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teacher meeting with students and parents

40 Ways to Show Teacher Appreciation on International Teachers Day

International Teachers Day (also known as World Teachers’ Day) is right around the corner. On October 5, families around the world will come together to show gratitude for the teachers who have made a difference in their lives. According to UNESCO, the 2020 theme for International Teachers Day is, “Teachers:

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