Classroom Management

How to Maintain Your Students’ Attention in Class

Maintaining the attention of an entire class can often be a challenge. The brains of children are still developing, making their attention spans much shorter than those of adults. Rather than letting that be a problem, you can structure your lesson plans based on your knowledge of the average student’s

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Teacher reading a book with a class of preschool children

How to Build Phonological Awareness Skills in Your Classroom

In this article we’ll first explore phonological awareness, the listening skills that help students understand the structure of spoken language. These skills are a foundational part of learning to read. Then, we’ll share strategies you can use to help your students develop phonological awareness skills—with free rhyming books for classroom

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students reading in library

The Science of Reading: How to Understand and Apply the Basics

Teaching students to read is so much more than sitting them down in front of a book. It takes an intentional mix of explicit classroom lessons, individualized support, and family engagement to help children develop strong reading skills. But, how do we know what strategies will work best? Have you

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How to Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week in Your Classroom

What do monitoring screen time usage, practicing internet safety, and preventing cyberbullying have in common? These topics all fall under the umbrella of digital citizenship. Digital Citizenship Week is an annual event held by the nonprofit organization Common Sense Media. This year, it will be held from October 17 to

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teacher using a laptop

30 of the Best Educational Apps for Teachers

When it comes to technology in the classroom, the apps you choose make a significant difference. Are they time-wasters or learning-enhancers? These resources will help your students grow their skills with digital technology, making a positive impact in your classroom. This list brings together 30 great educational apps to make

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How to Promote Family Engagement During the First Weeks of School

One of the best ways to set up students for lifelong success is by involving their families in their educational journey. When family involvement is a priority in class, student achievement, self-confidence, and motivation all improve.[1,2] Family engagement is most effective when it’s encouraged earlier in the year.[3] If you

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How the Science of Reading Informs Curriculum

The human brain is pre-wired for speech, but learning to read always involves explicit instruction.[1] “Learning to read requires several years of intentional instruction,” explains Waterford Director of Curriculum Julie Christensen in a recent video.[2] And the earlier that children are introduced to the foundational skills for reading, the better.

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