Case Studies

WWC Study Shows Waterford Upstart Effective in Promoting Strong Literacy Outcomes

WWC Findings Indicate Statistically Significant Reading Achievement Effects for Waterford Upstart Participants November 18, 2020 (Salt Lake City, UT) – The US Department of Education’s Institute of Educational Science announced the results of the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) evaluation of Waterford Upstart. The findings indicate that Waterford Upstart meets WWC standards without reservation and is […]


Introducing Your Children to Poetry Through Haiku

Happy National Poetry Month! This April observance is a great time to introduce poetry to your little writer! Teaching poetry to children is a wonderful way to build a child’s reading and writing skills. By reading poetry aloud and writing poetry, children are introduced to the  limitless possibilities of the English language, all while learning […]


How to Focus on Family Mental Health During the Coronavirus Quarantine

As the novel coronavirus situation evolves in the nation, everyday life for many families is changing to include social isolation, remote work, and home quarantine. Humans are social creatures, and medical quarantine or isolation in general have been associated with serious mental health effects. In fact, a recent review of research found that “quarantine is […]


Waterford Home Access: Delivering Online Learning to Parents and Children in the Home

The COVID-19 issue is evolving every day. If you are looking for ways to temporarily move your students to online learning during this time, we can help. Waterford provides Home Access for students, and it’s already part of our partners’ accounts. If you are using Waterford in your school and wish to set up Home […]


Celebrating Together: National Read Aloud Month

Do you remember being read to as a child? Those can be some sweet memories with parents or other caregivers, snuggling up with a book and reading together. Now it’s your turn to pass on your beloved childhood favorites. And watching your child connect with the same book you loved is a unique form of […]


4 Heart-Worthy Valentine’s Day Activities to Do With Your Child

Valentine’s Day is typically about boxes of chocolates, candy hearts, and roses, so how do you celebrate with your child? If you’re trying to figure out how to make the holiday special, we have you covered with some heart-worthy ideas to jumpstart your plans. Because it’s right in the middle of winter, Valentine’s Day is […]