5 Activities to Engage Your Students on National STEM Day

On November 8th, we celebrate National STEM Day to get kids excited about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Together the STEM subjects represent some of the fastest-growing and most in-demand fields in the United States. While STEM topics seem a natural fit in high schools and post-secondary curriculum, education experts are promoting a focus on […]


A Fair Start: Ensuring All Students are Ready to Learn

Focused on increasing the school readiness of at-risk children and those living in rural areas, the UPSTART program is rigorously evaluated using a randomized control trial evaluation and has demonstrated consistently positive gains for students. Moreover, longitudinal data has been gathered from the Utah UPSTART legislation and measured against state averages to inform if the […]


6 Benefits of Personalized Learning for Teachers

Personalized learning isn’t only beneficial for early learners; it is valuable in educating those who teach them. More education institutions are aware of the responsibility to provide continuing education for their teachers and finding new ways to make professional development more effective. Plus, teaching requirements continue to grow, requiring more learning opportunities for teachers to […]


5 Essential Media Literacy Questions

Children today are inundated with technology more than previous generations, but how much is too much? And is all technology created equal? From TV and movies to tablets and smartphones, children have a rich media diet that can have both a positive and negative effect on healthy development. Not only does media play a huge […]


Survey: Where are Children Before They Enter School? The State of Early Childhood Program Participation

For many parents, finding the best childcare is incredibly important when it comes to receiving extra help for their little ones. And we know the early care a child receives can have a huge impact on how prepared they are to enter school, influencing their later academic success. So, what is the most common form […]


Researchers: Early Education and Technology Interventions Needed to Impact Economic Mobility

Since the 1940’s, the opportunity for poverty-level children to earn more than their parents has been declining and there is a continual need to help these children improve their economic mobility. Brookings’ Social Genome Project found that children born in poverty have slower advancement in many areas of development, including social behavior, emotional maturity, cognitive […]