Company History

The Waterford Institute began with one man’s vision over 30 years ago. It was then that Dr. Dustin Heuston, a headmaster in New York City, saw an urgent need to supplement the traditional classroom experience. He set the goal to provide both educational excellence and equity to all children through the transformative power of new technology. He founded the Waterford Institute, which quickly became known as a pioneer in new interactive training that harnessed the full power of the computer to enhance learning. Early accomplishments included the development of the first educational videodisk for McGraw Hill, as well as the first educational videodisk for the National Science Foundation.

Today Waterford is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, where an enormous investment in educational research has made Waterford the nation’s leader in K-2 software for reading, math, and science programs. Millions of children across the world benefit from Waterford innovations.

One of Waterford’s most celebrated assets is the Waterford School, founded 30 years ago in Sandy, Utah. It is here that approximately 1,000 students, enrolled from preschool through high school, serve as a proving ground for Waterford to test its products. The school has the highest test scores in the state.

It started with one man. It continues in thousands of classrooms across the world. Dr. Heuston’s vision comes to life each time Waterford technology inspires a child to learn.

Waterford Early Learning is used in over 50,000 classrooms